Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Emma Tallon

The Libyan conflict is exacerbating the horrific conditions of those seeking refuge

Conflict is on the rise throughout Libya as two key factions seek to establish themselves as the legitimate government. Libya has been in a state of ongoing conflict since the Libyan Civil War began in 2011. The conflict has impacted society in many ways, such as the massive displacement of countless Libyans. They are largely fleeing Read More…

Rachel Glowinsky Society, Culture, and Security

Racial Equality in Britain: A Work in Progress

The scandal over anti-Semitism among Labour Party members earlier this May was merely one example of how racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity in Britain is incomplete. Rachel Glowinsky compares Muslim and Jewish experiences of racism to show how equality in British society is a work in progress.

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Einstein once asked Freud, “Why war?” Freud replied, “Because man is what he is.”

Victoria asks the questions: Why is sexualized violence so prevalent in modern and historical conflict? Is ISIS’ utilization of sexual violence and slavery the exception or the rule in war?

Previous Events

From a Humanitarian Concern to a Security Threat: Changing Mentality Towards Refugees and Inter-displaced Persons

The NAoC hosted a panel event in June 2015, discussing the following question: As more countries struggle with the threat of domestic terrorism and instability, will refugees and inter-displaced persons be considered a “security threat”?

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Reality Hits at the MMVAs: Human Nature and Forced Migration

Think the Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs) in Toronto and forced migration have nothing in common? Think again. Victoria explains.

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The Threat From Within: Dadaab Refugee Camp

Victoria investigates the rhetoric surrounding the threatened closure of Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya, alongside an interview with LWF Livelihood Officer, Hilda, who currently works in Kakuma, Kenya.