Upcoming Events


Our President, Robert Baines, will be speaking at the upcoming TEDx event held at the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus.

The event is being held on March 9th, tickets can be purchased here.

Beer for Peace

Beer for Peace is an exciting outdoor community festival set for early June 2024. Enjoy some international beer tasting, local flavours from partnering vendors and an afternoon of fun games. We looks forward to seeing you represent NATO’s vibrant diverse cultures.

UK High Commissioner Interview

We will be conducting an online interview with  the high commissioner of the United Kingdom, Susannah Goshko. 

The event is being held on Zoom, on March 29th.

Recent Events

Revolution of Trauma Care: Lessons Learnt from the Battlefield

We had a thrilling discussion on “Revolution of Trauma Care: Lessons Learnt from the Battlefield” with LCol ANDREW BECKETT CD MD MSc DRCPSC FRCSC FACSCanadian Armed Forces | Forces armées canadiennes Chief of General Surgery.

Hungarian Deputy State Secretary Discussion

Had the pleasure of hosting the Deputy State Secretary of Hungary, Dr. Marton Ugrosdy at our office on February 13th. Out of our vibrant discussion we reflected on the importance of strong bilateral relations with our NATO allies in Europe. 

Carleton Model NATO Conference

Carleton Model NATO is an annual student-run and organized conference/simulation hosted by Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs in Ottawa, Canada. The annual event takes place every winter in the nation’s capital. The unique four-day conference/simulation brings together over 100 students from across Canada to debate the most pressing transatlantic and international security issues.


Kosovar Affairs

In 1999, NATO stopped a genocide and enabled the creation of Kosovo, with the UN mandated KFOR (Kosovo Force). We celebrate the maintenance of peace and recall the need for vigilance. The NATO Association hosted DM Liza Gashi to discuss the value of NATO to Kosovo.

Vice Chief of Defence Online Interview

You can now access our full live interview with Lieutenant-General Frances J Allen, Canada’s Vice Chief of Defence Staff, as she speaks with NATO Canada’s Aly Sayani and Matthew D’Amico on new threats to global security, Canada’s armed forces in a changing world, the importance of deterrence, and personal stories after more than three decades of military service.

Watch it here on YouTube:

Disinformation: Navigating Deception

We were honoured to host disinformation expert Marcus Kolga at the Royal Canadian Military Institute. Thank you to the RCMI for their amazing venue space.

Southeast Asia & Canada Symposium

Thank you to our incredible panelists for their capitvating insights on Southeast Asia-Canada relations. We were honoured to host Dr. Julie Nguyen, Prof. Jacques Bertrand, and Capt. Cheng Xu, in a discussion brilliantly moderated by our research analyst David Okojie.

Finland in NATO

The NATO Association of Canada teamed up with the Royal Canadian Military Institute to host Dr. Barbara J. Falk of the Canadian Forces College and Dr. Karl Alenius of Oulu University in Finland to discuss the significant impact of Finland’s joining NATO on East European security. You can watch the full discussion here:

Professional Advancement Networking Summit

The NATO Association of Canada proudly hosted our Professional Advancement Networking Summit at the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto. We were honoured to welcome professionals from various industries and international trade, security, and business fields. We were thrilled to participate in engaging discussions in the room with phenomenal energy. 

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