Board of Directors

The Honourable David Michael Collenette, PC (Chair)

Robert Baines, CD (President and CEO)

Edward Paul Badovinac

James C. Baillie

David Batten

James Bridger

Hans G. Bathija

Harry R. Burkman

Pierre-Olivier Bussieres

Paul Chapin

Frank Chen

Alexandre Corbiel

Patrick S. Curtis, CIM, FCSI

Barry Davenport

John R. English, PhD, OC, FRSC

Jesse Flis

The Honourable William Carvel “Bill” Graham, PC, OC, QC

Kathryn E. Langley Hope

Dany Horovitz

Jeff Hull

Frederic L.R. “Eric” Jackman, CM, OOnt, CD, CStJ, PhD

The Honourable Henry N.R. “Hal” Jackman, OC, OOnt, CD, KStJ

Robert J. Jackson, PhD

Kristina Kaneff

Karim Kanji

Major Felix Kesserwan, CD

Lana Kharlip

Robert Kearns  

John Kirton, PhD

Douglas Knight

Robert Kyba

Michael W. Leahy

Erica Leslie

Julie Lindhout

Alex Macdonald

Andrew Mahut

Virginia McLaughlin

John F. Nagel

Garrick Ngai

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Ted Opitz, CD

Tina Park, PhD

Walter J. Perchal, PhD

Tomasz Pogorzelski

Wayne J. Primeau

The Honourable Hugh Segal, OC, OOnt, CD

Paul G. Smith

Jeffrey D. Steiner 

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Peter Vlossak, CD

Michael Ward

Terrance “Terry” A. Wolff

Aleksander Wolosz

The Honourable Bryon J. Wilfert, PC


The Honourable Jean Augustine, PC, CM, OOnt, CBE

Academic Advisory Council

Alex Moens, PhD

Sefanie von Hlatky, PhD

Frank Harvey, PhD

Rob Huebert, PhD

Nicole Jackson, PhD

Michael Tucker, PhD

Lee Windsor, PhD

Former Chairs

The Late Edward H. Crawford

The Late Marvin Gelber

The Late Donald S. Macdonald, PC, CC

The Late Ronald S. Ritchie, CM

The Late Adam H. Zimmerman, OC, FCA

The Honourable Henry N.R. “Hal” Jackman, OC, OOnt, CD, KStJ, LLD

Frederic L.R. “Eric” Jackman, CM, OOnt, CD, CStJ, PhD

The Honourable Roy MacLaren, PC

The Honourable William Carvel “Bill” Graham, PC, OC, QC

The Honourable Hugh Segal, OC, OOnt, CD

Kathryn E. Langley Hope

Historical Members

The Late Ignat Kaneff, CM, OOnt

Harold Ball   

Glenn H. Carter

Steven Chepa

Peter Cheung

Clive Coombs

Geoffrey D. Farrar

James Fergusson, PhD

Thomas L. Foulds

Graham Fox  

Kenneth Foxcroft

Brigadier General (Retired) Paul Hayes, OMM, CD

Norman Hillmer, PhD

Michael Klosch

Chris Korwin Kuczynski

Roger A. Lindsay of Craighall, Baron of Craighall, KStJ, FSA Scot, FRCGS, FRHSC(Hon), AdeC

The Honourable Roy MacLaren, PC

The Honourable John Manley, PC, OC

The Late John C. McKenna, CD

Edward P. Neufeld, PhD

Michael Roi, PhD

Stéphane Roussel, PhD

Denis W. Stairs, PhD, FRSC

Jürgen Torlée

Nicole Verkindt

Lieutenant Commander (Retired) Judge Albert Wong, CD

Jeffrey A. Young

Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Zeidler, CD


  • Antalya Popatia

    Antalya Popatia is now a Research Analyst at the NATO Association of Canada and previously held the positions of Program Editor for Women in Security and Social Media Director. She graduated from Queens University in 2018 with a degree in Politics and an International Certificate, having spent a year at the UK campus at the Herstmonceux Castle. She has interned with federal and provincial elected representatives in Vancouver and participated in their respective electoral campaigns. She has completed a Parliamentary Internship and volunteer assignment in Ottawa at Parliament Hill as well as a Public Affairs Internship at the U.S. Consulate in Vancouver. Antalya’s interests lie in diplomacy, global affairs and international security. Passionate about social justice issues, Antalya is the Founder of the Warming Hearts Foundation, a personal initiative, to support and increase awareness for local homelessness, youth leadership development, third world poverty & and anti-bullying. Antalya can be reached at