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Ukraine, Russia, and NATO’s Eastern Flank: A Canadian Defence and Foreign Policy Perspective

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Canada has rolled out a slew of measures to defend NATO’s eastern flank. This article summarizes and critically analyzes these recent trends in Canadian defence and foreign policy.

A Fragile Balance in the Mediterranean

Democracy Battles Back: Inside Canada’s Mission to the Baltics with Ambassador Kevin Rex

From Security to State-Building: NATO’s Role in the Afghanistan Crisis

The eFP and Russian Deterrence: From a Common Enemy to a Common Goal

Wolf Warrior Diplomacy: The Social Media Battlefield

As targeted social media campaigns work in support of political movements in China’s strategic and political goals, how is social media becoming a new NATO battlefield?

To Counter China’s Rise, the Quad Needs to Shift to Economic Diplomacy

The Xinjiang Police Files and their implications for NATO’s China policy

Special Report: NATO’s Forgotten Western Flank

Special Report: Canada and Neo-Middle Power Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific

Milgaard, the Hip, and Wrongful Conviction

Milgaard’s case highlighted the need for justice reform in Canada and abroad; his death serves to remind us that this type of reform still hasn’t happened.

NATO Needs to Act When Member States Curb LGBTQ+ Rights   

Canadian Armed Forces and Culture: The Need for Change

Special Report: Germany Must Abandon Ostpolitik

The Impact of Increasing Political Instability on Canadian Security

NATO Needs to Act When Member States Curb LGBTQ+ Rights   

Hungary frequently discriminates against minority groups, including members of the LGBTQ+ community, violating standards of human rights. In this article, Jordan McEwen and Diana Fodor discuss why NATO should intervene to address Hungary’s rollbacks of LGBTQ+ rights.

The International Implications of Roe v. Wade’s Overturn

Defying Stereotypes: The Growing Importance of Women in the Armed Forces of the Baltic States

Examining the Setbacks in Women Leadership in the Context of the Albanian Armed Forces

The Crisis in Afghanistan: An Interview with Journalist and Human Rights Activist, Sally Armstrong

A Perfect Storm? Sanctions on Russia and The New Energy Reality in Europe

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has resulted in a pivotal shift in the world order. The 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea now appears as a disregarded warning. Allowed to fester, it developed into an overt display of despotic militarism that now threatens not just the sovereignty of Ukraine but also the stability of other democratic Read More…

Understanding India’s position of ‘proactive neutrality’ in the Russian- Ukraine war. Its implications on India’s security and economy.

European and Russian Defence Procurement: Not All Spending Is Made Equal

Germany’s Tornado Gap: Nuclear-Sharing and the F-35

Join us March 15 in celebration of the Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien

Canada’s Lacking Data Privacy Protections

Canadian’s reliance on the internet and the amount of personal data stored there creates data privacy concerns that the government ought to remedy.

Quantum Computing Revolution: Risks and Prospects

Rising Right-wing Extremism at Home and Abroad: A Global Perspective to Canada’s Freedom Convoy Protest

Cybercrime and Security in our Digital Society

Canada’s Digital Divide and Security Risks

Like Father, Like Son? Disinformation and the Marcos’ Legacy

How did Ferdinand Marcos Sr.’s son win power in the Philippines? In this article, Jack Burnham discusses the country’s recent presidential election, Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s victory, and the role of disinformation in Filipino politics.

Deception, Deceit, and the Dictator’s Dilemma: Russia, Iraq, and Authoritarian Propaganda

Fighting Familiar Wars on Foreign Shores: Disinformation, the American Right, and Uganda

House of Cards: The Suspension of the US’ Disinformation Governance Board

Repetition or Rhyming? HIV/AIDS, COVID-19, and Disinformation

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Special Publication

Special Publication

The NATO Association is proud to present its most recent special publication, Towards Coexistence and Cooperation: NATO and China.

This three-part publication seeks to bridge the understanding of strategic priorities and values between NATO and China and determine pathways for peaceful coexistence.

Click the image to read the third and final report under this publication titled “The Ambitions of the People’s Republic of China: An Opportunity and a Threat to the Rules-Based International Order” by H. Olivia Hamilton and Ruben Barragan. Together examine China's relationship with multilateral agencies within the United Nations and make recommendations for enhancing cooperation.

Special Publication

Special Publication

The NATO Association of Canada is proud to present its Fall 2020 publication, NATO and the Asia-Pacific.

These essays present a range of perspectives from some of the world’s top experts on the topic of NATO’s engagement with actors and institutions from across the AsiaPacific region. The NATO Association of Canada asserts that multilateralism and cooperation remain the most effective tools at our disposal for meeting twenty-first century challenges such as climate change, pandemic disease, or armed conflict. We hope that these essays can provide a starting point for further dialogue towards this goal.

NATÔ Canada! Podcast

NATÔ Canada! Podcast

In this series, the NATO Association of Canada in partnership with the NATO Research Group out of the University of Toronto, explore issues related to security, prosperity, and the international rules-based order.

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NATO 70th Anniversary

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Meet the Team