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Defending Canada and Canadian Values: An Analysis of Military Expenditures in Budget 2021

What are the takeaways for Canada’s security in Budget 2021? In this article, Eric Jackson explores the implications of the new federal budget on military spending and Canadian operations abroad.

Top Guns: Canada and NATO Air Task Force Romania

A Terrorist’s Tempest: The Challenge of Operation Sea Guardian

A Case for NATO in the Sahel

What Role Will Mercenaries Play in Future Warfare?: An Interview with Dr. Sean McFate

The Quad and the Blue Dot Network: Opportunities for Expansion and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

In this article, Research Analyst Emilio Angeles surveys opportunities for developing the Quad’s Blue Dot Network in the Indo-Pacific.

Media Advisory: Climate Trends, Expected Impacts & What Can Be Done?

To register for event click here. Topics: Current climate warming trend, its expected impact, what can be done and upcoming associated conference. About this Event This media advisory event will be hosted on May 4th at 11 am and be about the current climate warming trend, its expected impact on human security and what should Read More…

The Loss of a Father Figure: What the Passing of Prince Philip Means for Canada

Command and Control: The U.S. Civil-Military Relationship

Special Report: The Id, Individuality, and the Genesis of National Foreign Policy

What are the actual extent – and limits – of the power of the Prime Minister?

The Long and Winding Road: NATO and the UN’s Approach to Women and R2P

In this article, Nicole Dougherty, explores how NATO and the UN have approached the topic of Women and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P). The article explores how the organizations have created policies and practices meant to address this issue and provides some policy suggestions on how they can improve them in the future.

U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan: What it Means for Women

The Female Qur’an Experts Helping to Fight Radical Islam

Gender-Based Violence and COVID-19

Why Women Play an Essential Role in the Canadian Armed Forces

Biden and the Comprehensive and Progressive Transpacific Partnership: Challenges for Re-entry

The greatest challenge for Biden in the Pacific may be proving that U.S participation in multilateral-free trade agreements is a necessity and not a luxury. Emilio Angeles writes.

The Future of Canada-Japan Relations in the Post-Trump Era

Russia-NATO (mis)interpretation of Post-Cold War Enlargement; A Case Study of the Security Dilemma

Uncertain Alliance: Turkey’s goals in the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the implications for Canada-Turkey relations

Dragon Slayer: The Partial Foreign Policy of Erin O’Toole’s Conservative Party

A Genealogy of Terrorism: Colonial Law and the Origins of an Idea

To register for event click here. See NAOC Editor-in-Chief Dr. Joseph McQuade discuss his new book with Jawad Hussain Qureshi, Senior South Asia Analyst at the PCO. About this Event Join us to hear NATO Association of Canada’s Editor-in-Chief Dr. Joseph McQuade discuss his new book  A Geneology of Terrorism: Colonial Law and the Origins of An Read More…

The Asia-Pacific Mulls Over 5G National Security Concerns

Open Source Software Can Play a Key Role in NATO’s Cyber Defences

Special Report: DevSecOps and the Future of Secure Software Development

Natural Gas in Mozambique: A Contentious Path to Development

What Constitutes Fake News in Hong Kong

Between March and October of 2020, 17 countries passed new laws aimed at stifling the spread of online misinformation. Citing the increasingly contentious pandemic-related content as a primary justification, multiple governments and distinctly authoritarian regimes cracked down on critics and limited individual expression under the pretense of maintaining social stability. Hong Kong is keen to Read More…

Hong Kong’s Illiberal Education Reform

‘The Kids Are Alright’: How Young Journalists Find Ways to Report on Social Issues in Russia

The Third Realm: Closed-Circuit Information Censorship in China

A Harmonious Mirage?: Information Control in Modern China

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Special Publication

Special Publication

The NATO Association of Canada is proud to present its Fall 2020 publication, NATO and the Asia-Pacific.

These essays present a range of perspectives from some of the world’s top experts on the topic of NATO’s engagement with actors and institutions from across the AsiaPacific region. The NATO Association of Canada asserts that multilateralism and cooperation remain the most effective tools at our disposal for meeting twenty-first century challenges such as climate change, pandemic disease, or armed conflict. We hope that these essays can provide a starting point for further dialogue towards this goal.

NATÔ Canada! Podcast

NATÔ Canada! Podcast

In this series, the NATO Association of Canada in partnership with the NATO Research Group out of the University of Toronto, explore issues related to security, prosperity, and the international rules-based order.

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