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Recent News
Asia-Pacific Emilio Angeles Security, Trade and the Economy

Biden and the Comprehensive and Progressive Transpacific Partnership: Challenges for Re-entry

The greatest challenge for Biden in the Pacific may be proving that U.S participation in multilateral-free trade agreements is a necessity and not a luxury. Emilio Angeles writes.

The Future of Canada-Japan Relations in the Post-Trump Era

Russia-NATO (mis)interpretation of Post-Cold War Enlargement; A Case Study of the Security Dilemma

Uncertain Alliance: Turkey’s goals in the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the implications for Canada-Turkey relations

Dragon Slayer: The Partial Foreign Policy of Erin O’Toole’s Conservative Party

Canada Canadian Armed Forces Defence Spending Defense Procurement Technology Turkey

Resurrecting the Canadian Dream: The case for the 21st Century Avro Arrow

Samer Khurshid examines the story of the Canadian CF-105 Avro Arrow and how a re-imagined Arrow would be Canada’s best bet in the Stealth Age.

Risen From the Grave: Reimagining Battleships Key to Growing NATO’s Naval Power

Canadian Attack Helicopters: A Much Needed Capability

Why Women Play an Essential Role in the Canadian Armed Forces

The Danger of Gender Stereotyping Canada’s ‘Jihadi Brides’

Bryan Roh Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

Open Source Software Can Play a Key Role in NATO’s Cyber Defences

In this article by Bryan Roh, the NATO origins behind an open source software called MISP and the reasons behind its worldwide success are explained.

Special Report: DevSecOps and the Future of Secure Software Development

Natural Gas in Mozambique: A Contentious Path to Development

Special Report – Trump’s NATO Legacy: What Does It Mean for Joe Biden?

The World in a State of Cyber Warfare

Africa Arjun Singh Europe Immigration NATO Operations Naval Issues Refugee Terrorism

A Terrorist’s Tempest: The Challenge of Operation Sea Guardian

As Europe confronts Jihadists from across the Mediterranean, Arjun Singh lays out measures to upgrade NATO’s maritime operation for better European security.

A Case for NATO in the Sahel

What Role Will Mercenaries Play in Future Warfare?: An Interview with Dr. Sean McFate

Evading Accountability: Russia’s Wagner Group

Does the Future Hold Nuclear Insecurity?

Arjun Singh Society, Culture, and Security United States of America

Command and Control: The U.S. Civil-Military Relationship

After the controversial appointment of Lloyd Austin as U.S. Secretary of Defense, Arjun Singh examines the principle of “civilian control of the military” in the United States.

Special Report: The Id, Individuality, and the Genesis of National Foreign Policy

What are the actual extent – and limits – of the power of the Prime Minister?

Review: There’s Something in the Water

Women in Security

U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan: What it Means for Women

Mary Peplinski discusses the fragile peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban, and examines how an early withdrawal of American troops could worsen violence and compromise advances in women’s rights in Afghanistan.

The Female Qur’an Experts Helping to Fight Radical Islam

Gender-Based Violence and COVID-19

Why Women Play an Essential Role in the Canadian Armed Forces

The Danger of Gender Stereotyping Canada’s ‘Jihadi Brides’

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