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International and Security Benefits of an Active Canadian Role in Venezuela

Many Venezuelans are eagerly hoping the election July 8, 2024 can be used to restart the rule of law and democratic norms in their country. Why should Canada actively support this process? Under socialist President Nicolas Maduro, during the 2010s, Venezuela became known internationally as the most left-wing country in Latin America, with the exception Read More…

NATO Historical Series – Winning the Cold War

Summer 2023 NATO Association of Canada-Canadian Army Journal Co-Publication Released

Should Canada Keep Training African Soldiers?

Why Are Tensions Between NATO and Russia So High?

Canada’s Need For A Comprehensive Arctic Strategy Amid Russian And Chinese Threats

On August 26, 2022, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about Russia and China’s investments and intentions to build military, commercial, and industrial capacities in the Arctic. This is not new information. Russia and China made their Arctic strategies publicly available in 2009 and 2018, respectively. News articles frequently detail their interests and successes in the region. Despite this, Canada has Read More…

Rogue Allies: A Partnership of Desperation, Russia and North Korea

Less Words, More Action: How Canada Can Bolster Its Support For Hong Kong (PART 2)

China’s Ascendance: Its History And Hazards – Who Does Hong Kong Belong To? China’s Domestic Struggles

Action is Needed and Words Won’t Suffice: Why Canada Must Bolster Its Support for Hong Kong (PART 1)

Snow-Washing Dirty Money in Canada

According to the 2018 expert panel report on Combatting Money Laundering in BC Real Estate, money laundering activity is a rapidly growing issue in Canada. The industry, estimated to be worth $41.3 billion in 2015, grew 11.6% in only three years to an astounding $46.7 billion in 2018. In 2020, the Criminal Intelligence Service of Canada estimated that money Read More…

Civil War [In Review]: The Role of the War Time Journalist.

In Review: Lessons from Longpath

What Is ISIS-K And What Are Its Objectives?

The Polycrisis: Behind the Buzzword

A feminist approach to navigating a world in flux.

VUCA. An acronym commonly used by organizational leaders within the business environment has now become all too relevant in the context of international affairs. V. Volatile. U. Uncertain. C. Complex. A. Ambiguous. This is the state that humanity currently finds itself in. Ranging from realities such as increasing levels of political polarization to the rise Read More…

The Current Israel-Palestine Conflict Requires Moral Clarity 

The Societal and Political Treatment of Women in Politics

The Power of Women in Peacekeeping and its Promise for Security

Criminalizing Gender Apartheid: the Solution to the Oppression of Women?

What Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Honourable Pierre Poilievre Can Learn From a Rightwing Libertarian’s Presidential Election Victory in Argentina

Argentina’s election last autumn saw a right-wing libertarian outsider with a unique public persona, Javier Milei, defeat the sitting center-left economy minister, Sergio Massa. Since the election’s main issues were the nation’s post-COVID economic troubles, there are many lessons that this can provide for other countries that are also coming out of the pandemic, even Read More…

Special Report: The Battle Behind the Production, Russia’s Defence Industry and the Paradigm of its Strategic Advantage in the Land Domain

Which Sectors Stand to Gain From Dollarization in Argentina?

Special Report: Unveiling Western Business Implications in the Russian Defence Industry’s Supply Chains

What Is ISIS-K And What Are Its Objectives?

The Missing Element to Navigating the Threat of AI

November 30, 2022 marked a turning point in the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI). On this day, a new technology known as ChatGPT landed in the hands of the public. Launched as an interactive chatbot by AI research and deployment company, OpenAI, the tool quickly initiated a cascade of exponential technological advancement that took society Read More…

The Geopolitical Ramifications of Cyber Attacks on Canadian Energy Grids

The Russia-Ukraine War’s INF Angle

Radical Right Politics in Europe: Poland

The Next Pandemic: Is Canada Ready?

Mapping Russian Disinformation Narratives And Their Influence Across Europe In The Face Of The 2024 European Parliament Election

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the threat of pro-Kremlin disinformation in Europe has become a matter of increasingly pressing concern. This is particularly true for NATO members that provide Ukraine with significant military and humanitarian aid. Between February and March of 2022, Russia’s state budget for mass media increased by 433 percent, as “the audience and reach Read More…

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms vs. Vaccine Mandates in the Canadian Armed Forces

Summer 2023 NATO Association of Canada-Canadian Army Journal Co-Publication Released

Navigating Hybrid Warfare: Understanding the Threat and Taking Action

Hybrid Threats in the Western Balkans: Implications for NATO and Transnational Security

In this series, the NATO Association of Canada in partnership with the NATO Research Group out of the University of Toronto, explore issues related to security, prosperity, and the international rules-based order.

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Special Publication

Special Publication

The NATO Association of Canada in partnership with the Canadian Army Journal (CAJ) announces the release of Cutting through the Haze: Grey Zone Operations and Contemporary Threats, eds. Christopher Maternowski and Aditi Malhotra (Summer 2023).

An inaugural collaboration between the NATO Association of Canada and the CAJ, this volume provides perspectives on issues relevant to grey zone operations and other topics from experts within the North American defence and security community. The volume emphasizes the growing importance of the grey zone and the role of defence innovation in grey zone and conventional operations.

Special Publication

Special Publication

The NATO Association of Canada has released its Winter 2023 special publication.

In Navigating a Global Crisis: Climate Change and NATO, ed. Christopher Maternowski, leading authorities offer insights on what rising temperatures mean for international security and NATO. The volume explores the many ways in which climate change constitutes an urgent concern for the international community and a threat on which NATO and other intergovernmental organizations must increasingly collaborate and act.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team