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Should NATO Expand to include non-European States?

NATO has undergone several periods of expansion throughout its long existence. From the original 12 member states in 1949, NATO has expanded to include 30 members now, plus the imminent accession of Finland and Sweden to the alliance. NATO’s expansion has at times been controversial. After the fall of the Soviet Union, many argued that Read More…

Did you know? 9 Facts About Money Laundering in Canada Infographic

Canada Urgently Needs a National Security Policy

Canada’s Need for a Comprehensive Arctic Strategy Amid Russian and Chinese Threats

The Age of Crises? A Primer for the Mid-Twenty-First Century

Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy: An Overdue Conversation

Canada has recently published its long-awaited Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS), which provides a comprehensive roadmap for managing opportunities and mitigating threats in the region. There are plenty of each: the opportunities to increase trade, bilateral foreign direct investment (FDI), and “person-to-person” connectivity (i.e., educational exchanges or cultural programs) are extensive across the theatre. Similarly, however, the Read More…

North Korean Arms Sales to Russia – We Should Pay Attention

Canada’s National Economic Security Lens: Is it aimed at China?

The Taiwan Visit: Canada moving past megaphone diplomacy for its Indo-Pacific Strategy?

2022 Halifax International Security Forum: Unity Inspired By The Spirit of the Ukrainians

NATO on the Iranian Protests and its Struggle Against a Double-Edged Nuclear Deal

With Iran’s nuclear program on the rise and the Iranian people fighting for their rights to be observed and protected, Dania El-Ayoubi discusses NATO members’ responses and the possible revival of the JCPOA.

Stoltenberg’s Warning for Canada

What Could the Chinese Surveillance Balloon Mean for Canadian Security?


Young Voters and NATO: A Change in Culture

The Women of Al-Shabaab

A recent news story by the United Nations stated that Al-Shabaab, an insurgent group seeking to establish an Islamic state in Somalia, contributed to a 60% increase in civilian deaths between 2021 and 2022. Due to their violent methods of control, the group exerts a large amount of influence on the Somalian public. Specifically, they Read More…

International Women’s Day: The Past and the Present

From Benazir Bhutto to Jacinda Ardern: Perceptions of Female Prime Ministers

Sexual Abuse in South Sudan: Accountability and Non-Recurrence

Differing Perspectives: What the Taliban’s Rule Means for Afghan Citizens and Canadian Policy

DIANA: Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic

The war in Ukraine has shown that superior technology, especially in the areas of surveillance and communication, can help a David stand up to a Goliath. Looking forward, Canada and its NATO allies have embarked on a new initiative named DIANA that aims to help them maintain their technological cutting edge. In this article Scott Burns explains this new defence innovation project along with Canada’s exciting role.

ChatGPT –  Are there Security Concerns?

NATO’s Role in the Grain Gain from Ukraine

Did you know? 9 Facts About Money Laundering in Canada Infographic

AI’s Impact on Society and Security

Did you know? 9 Facts About Money Laundering in Canada Infographic

How much do you know about money laundering in Canada? In this infographic Katherine E. Todd
shares 9 key facts about money laundering like how much money is laundered in Canada, how it happens, and what the government has done to stop it.

Who Will Save the Internet from China?

AI’s Impact on Society and Security

Canada’s Need for a Comprehensive Arctic Strategy Amid Russian and Chinese Threats

Snow-Washing Dirty Money in Canada

A Disastrous Combination: Emergency Events and Online Mis-/Disinformation

What are the lasting impacts of mis and disinformation during the occurrence of and directly following a disaster or emergency? In this article, Emma Curtis touches upon the disinformation present in the cycle of disaster, as well as the consequences of fake news and false reporting.

Nothing is Foreign Here: China, Japan, and the Influence of Narratives within American Policymaking

From the Internet to Ashes: Disinformation and the Tigray War

No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy? The Marine Corps’ New Information Warfare Strategy

“A Splendid Little War” Great Power Competition, Disinformation, and the Spanish-American War

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Special Publication

Special Publication

The NATO Association of Canada has released its Winter 2023 special publication.

In Navigating a Global Crisis: Climate Change and NATO, ed. Christopher Maternowski, leading authorities offer insights on what rising temperatures mean for international security and NATO. The volume explores the many ways in which climate change constitutes an urgent concern for the international community and a threat on which NATO and other intergovernmental organizations must increasingly collaborate and act.

Special Publication

Special Publication

The NATO Association is proud to present its most recent special publication, Towards Coexistence and Cooperation: NATO and China.

This three-part publication seeks to bridge the understanding of strategic priorities and values between NATO and China and determine pathways for peaceful coexistence.

Click the image to read the third and final report under this publication titled “The Ambitions of the People’s Republic of China: An Opportunity and a Threat to the Rules-Based International Order” by H. Olivia Hamilton and Ruben Barragan. Together examine China's relationship with multilateral agencies within the United Nations and make recommendations for enhancing cooperation.

NATÔ Canada! Podcast

NATÔ Canada! Podcast

In this series, the NATO Association of Canada in partnership with the NATO Research Group out of the University of Toronto, explore issues related to security, prosperity, and the international rules-based order.

2019 Summer Soirée

NATO 70th Anniversary

Meet the Team

Meet the Team