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NATO Historical Series – Winning the Cold War

As NATO’s seventy-fifth anniversary approaches, the alliance finds itself confronted by Russian revanchism and invasions in Eastern Europe, growing anti-Western alliances in Asia, and tenuous and uncertain political trends in many member nations. Yet to NATO, this is familiar territory – much of the same dynamics are occurring now as during the Cold War (1947-91), Read More…

Summer 2023 NATO Association of Canada-Canadian Army Journal Co-Publication Released

Should Canada Keep Training African Soldiers?

Why Are Tensions Between NATO and Russia So High?

Navigating Hybrid Warfare: Understanding the Threat and Taking Action

Special Report: Preserving the Peace in the Taiwan Strait under President-Elect Lai Ching Te

Abstract:  A staunch advocate of the Republic of China (Taiwan)’s political self-determination, Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party won the presidential election in Taiwan, leading some experts to speculate that the country could be inching closer towards an armed conflict with China. How can NATO member-states and security partners help strengthen Taiwan’s national resilience Read More…

Myanmar, in Hopes of Restoring a Failing State  

Special Report: Should South Korea Get Nukes? The Rise of Nuclear Popularity and the Quest for Strategic Stability on the Korean Peninsula

The Geostrategy of China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative: Policy Options for NATO Member-States and Global Partners in the Indo-Pacific

On China’s Peacemaking Role in Ukraine, Europe is Tragically Divided Along West and East Lines

Afghanistan: Not Buried Yet

In April of 2021, the United States government announced its withdrawal from what was at the time the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Twenty years of combat, 3609 dead NATO troops, and trillions of dollars later, Allied forces withdrew, and left the country vulnerable for the Taliban to seize control once again, like they had thirty Read More…

Forever Putin? The Greater Implications of Russia’s Election Results.

Will it take a military disaster to convince Canadians that defence must be taken seriously?

NATO75 – Making the Most of Black Swans

NATO’s Aims and Interconnectedness Reflected in a Flemish Tapestry

The Current Israel-Palestine Conflict Requires Moral Clarity 

It has been four months since the Israel-Hamas conflict started, and until today, more than 28 000 thousand Palestinians have been killed; tomorrow, there could be more. This article aims to discuss the consequences of the war and how the international community is responding to the high tensions in the region. Since the events of Read More…

The Societal and Political Treatment of Women in Politics

The Power of Women in Peacekeeping and its Promise for Security

Criminalizing Gender Apartheid: the Solution to the Oppression of Women?

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and its Effect on Women

Navigating BRICS Expansion with an Eye to China and Russia: A Strategic Perspective

BRICS, the hitherto five-state grouping of emerging countries that, until now, included Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, expanded in early 2024. This enlargement doubled BRICS’ membership to include authoritarian members Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but with Argentina desisting from joining after the election of President Milei. This is the first BRICS Read More…

Are Wars a “Recipe for Epidemics”?

The Current Israel-Palestine Conflict Requires Moral Clarity 

China’s Ascendance: Its History and Hazards – Part 1: China’s Rising Influence

The Ethiopian Dam and its Effects on Egypt and Sudan

The Geopolitical Ramifications of Cyber Attacks on Canadian Energy Grids

In the current digital era, cyberattacks on Canadian energy networks raise serious geopolitical security concerns. These attacks have a significant impact on the geopolitical environment in addition to endangering the energy infrastructure. Cyberattacks on Canadian energy networks have far-reaching geopolitical repercussions that touch on many important industries. affecting national security, public safety, and the economy. Read More…

The Russia-Ukraine War’s INF Angle

Radical Right Politics in Europe: Poland

The Next Pandemic: Is Canada Ready?

Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure (CI)

Mapping Russian Disinformation Narratives And Their Influence Across Europe In The Face Of The 2024 European Parliament Election

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the threat of pro-Kremlin disinformation in Europe has become a matter of increasingly pressing concern. This is particularly true for NATO members that provide Ukraine with significant military and humanitarian aid. Between February and March of 2022, Russia’s state budget for mass media increased by 433 percent, as “the audience and reach Read More…

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms vs. Vaccine Mandates in the Canadian Armed Forces

Summer 2023 NATO Association of Canada-Canadian Army Journal Co-Publication Released

Navigating Hybrid Warfare: Understanding the Threat and Taking Action

Hybrid Threats in the Western Balkans: Implications for NATO and Transnational Security

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Special Publication

Special Publication

The NATO Association of Canada in partnership with the Canadian Army Journal (CAJ) announces the release of Cutting through the Haze: Grey Zone Operations and Contemporary Threats, eds. Christopher Maternowski and Aditi Malhotra (Summer 2023).

An inaugural collaboration between the NATO Association of Canada and the CAJ, this volume provides perspectives on issues relevant to grey zone operations and other topics from experts within the North American defence and security community. The volume emphasizes the growing importance of the grey zone and the role of defence innovation in grey zone and conventional operations.

Special Publication

Special Publication

The NATO Association of Canada has released its Winter 2023 special publication.

In Navigating a Global Crisis: Climate Change and NATO, ed. Christopher Maternowski, leading authorities offer insights on what rising temperatures mean for international security and NATO. The volume explores the many ways in which climate change constitutes an urgent concern for the international community and a threat on which NATO and other intergovernmental organizations must increasingly collaborate and act.

NATÔ Canada! Podcast

NATÔ Canada! Podcast

In this series, the NATO Association of Canada in partnership with the NATO Research Group out of the University of Toronto, explore issues related to security, prosperity, and the international rules-based order.

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NATO 70th Anniversary

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Meet the Team