Razaan Ganatra is in her fourth and final year of undergraduate study at the University of Toronto. She is pursuing a double major in Economics and Biology for Health Sciences. Razaan hopes to combine her passion for both disciplines to pursue Public Health Policy and Medical Administration. She is currently working as a Research Assistant in a Cell and Molecular Biology Lab, as well as a Teaching Assistant for a second year Macroeconomic Theory and Policy course. As a Program Editor at the NATO Association of Canada, her primary interests lie in Security, Trade, and the Economy, with a particular focus on international economic policies relating to food and trade security. Razaan can be contacted at razaan.ganatra@mail.utoronto.ca.
Security, Trade and the Economy

Mad Cow Disease – A Threat to Global Health and Food Security

Canada’s food crisis has been ongoing, with around 5.8 million Canadians experiencing some extent of food insecurity in 2021 alone. However, with the potential re-emergence of mad cow disease, this food insecurity could take another drastic turn. It was thought that we had seen the last of mad cow disease after the epidemic in the Read More…