Kelsey Hickman is an Intern for the NATO Association of Canada. In 2023, Kelsey received her Honours Bachelor of Arts (HBA) from Wilfrid Laurier University majoring in Political Science with minors in Legal studies and History. She is now pursuing her Master of Political Science (MA) at the University of Toronto researching civic education policy and political engagement. She also plays for the U of T’s women’s flag football team, achieving the 2024 Second Team All-Star and Rookie of the Year awards. Kelsey created and hosted “The Political Impact” Radio Laurier’s 2022 show of the year that featured interviews with students, professors and community leaders on political topics and current events. Kelsey also studied at the Sciences Po Lille in France, where she built on her interests in international relations and policy. Kelsey is passionate about fostering political awareness and supporting Canada’s knowledge of NATO’s core values and goals.
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A Breakdown of the United States’ $61 Billion Aid Package to Ukraine and Lessons for Canada

Since the Russian invasion in 2022, Ukraine has been a significant recipient of aid from the United States and dozens of other NATO member states, including Canada. This past April, after a six-month delay in Congress, the United States’ legislature voted to pass a much-anticipated $61-billion dollar aid package to Kyiv, its most extensive contribution to date. Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Read More…