Nathaniel Borins is a third-year Political Science Specialist at the University of Toronto’s Saint George campus. His course work focuses on global and political economic processes. He is particularly interested in global trade policy and its domestic political ramifications. He reads widely in these areas, but is equally interested in political history and biography, contemporary longform political journalism, and travel literature. He travels as much as he can and tries to use those opportunities to gain insight into countries and issues he has studied. He has experience as an academic research assistant, working on a multi-year project on religion and environmental activism. He has also interned at a criminal law firm in downtown Toronto. In summer 2023, he participated in an immersive French language program at Laval University.
Nathaniel Borins NATO and Canada

International and Security Benefits of an Active Canadian Role in Venezuela

Many Venezuelans are eagerly hoping the election July 8, 2024 can be used to restart the rule of law and democratic norms in their country. Why should Canada actively support this process? Under socialist President Nicolas Maduro, during the 2010s, Venezuela became known internationally as the most left-wing country in Latin America, with the exception Read More…