Gleb Adamovych is a second-year student at the Glendon campus of York University, currently majoring in Psychology, and planning on continuing his education to the point of ultimately obtaining a doctorate. At the NATO Association of Canada, he works as a Program Editor and Digital Copy Editor, working to both produce articles to promote the importance of defense to the public, and maintain the quality of the Association's website. Gleb maintains a varied knowledge base, but has a particular interest in the fluid nature of modern politics and the future of energy security. You can contact Gleb at or at
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Afghanistan: Not Buried Yet

In April of 2021, the United States government announced its withdrawal from what was at the time the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Twenty years of combat, 3609 dead NATO troops, and trillions of dollars later, Allied forces withdrew, and left the country vulnerable for the Taliban to seize control once again, like they had thirty Read More…

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NATO and Energy Security: Changing Times

In the face of the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, the existing Atlantic energy infrastructure has found its Achilles’ heel, namely a reliance on resources controlled by powers with interests that are inimical to the rules-based international order. According to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, the alliance’s goals in the face of this new crisis have Read More…