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Summer 2023 NATO Association of Canada-Canadian Army Journal Co-Publication Released

The NATO Association of Canada is pleased to announce the publication of its summer 2023 publication, Cutting through the Haze: Grey Zone Operations and Contemporary Threats. Produced in collaboration with the Canadian Army Journal (CAJ), the volume explores grey zone operations and other dimensions of today’s threat landscape. The grey zone, which the volume describes as military operations that straddle the peace-war line, has become a topic of growing interest for Western militaries and thus a timely topic publication for this most recent co-publication from the NATO Association of Canada. 

Based on some of the papers presented at the “25th Annual Canada-US Army Operational Research Symposium” (October 18-21, 2021) the volume consists of six contributions from experts in Canada and the US. Each essay offers a fresh take on a topic related to the grey zone as well as more conventional operations. The discussions offer an expansive view, covering strategy, technologies, platforms, and more. 

The volume provides a number of important insights relevant to anyone working on or interested in the defence and security sector. One key takeaway from the volume relates to innovation. Collectively, the volume’s essays reframe defence innovation, highlighting how Canada, the US, and their NATO allies and partners can draw on pre-existing technologies and systems to achieve leverage in the grey zone and more conventional operations.  

The significance of the volume extends beyond its policy-relevant conclusions. As an inaugural collaboration between the NATO Association of Canada and the CAJ, the volume connects two established and preeminent voices in the Canadian defence and security spaces. In so doing, the partnership enables the NATO Association of Canada and the CAJ to expand their reach and amplify the pressing issues explored in this joint publication. 

To read the volume, click here. To browse other volumes from the NATO Association of Canada, including the winter 2023 publication, visit this page

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