The NATO Association of Canada publishes special reports which serve as more comprehensive, textured, critical pieces rather than the traditional article format. Special reports include policy briefs, communiques, critiques, and/or a compilation of works in a journal format. In order to facilitate these publications,  the NATO Association of Canada often partners with other organizations, members of the military (officers, generals etc), federal government agencies, members of the Canadian government, diplomats, and academics, as well as members of the NATO Association itself, including Editors, Research Fellows, and Analysts.

Official NATO Association of Canada’s Special Publications below  

  1. Cutting through the Haze: Grey Zone Operations and Contemporary Threats
  2. Navigating a Global Crisis: Climate Change and NATO
  3. Camouflage
  4. Seeing through China’s Lens: The Origins and Manifestations of China’s Worldview
  5. The Ambitions of the People’s Republic of China: An Opportunity and a Threat to the Rules-Based International Order
  6. NATO Looks East: Adapting to China’s Challenges and Opportunities 
  7. Belt and Road to Africa: Strategic Considerations for NATO on China’s Power-Plays in Africa, December 2020
  8. NATO in the Asia-Pacific (with a special foreword from Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan), December 2020
  9. Selected Topics in World Security, April 2019
  10. 70 Years of Security, November 2018
  11. Canadian Defence at 150 & Beyond [with a special foreword from Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland], November 2017
  12. The F-35 Fighter: A Logical CF-18 Replacement, May 2017
  13. Matching Reality with Necessity: A Defence Policy to 2025, January 2016
  14. Canada in the World: Youth Dialogue on Emerging International Security Challenges, October 2015
  15. Canada in the World: Youth Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security, May 2015
  16. Defence Matters in Canada Report: Findings From a Cross Canada Discussion, September 2013

Relevant Reports & Publications below 

Canada and NATO: An Alliance Forged In Strength and Reliability – Report of the Standing Committee on National Defence, June 2018