NAOC Senior Research Fellow James Poborsa Published in a Leading Publication

Our Senior Research Fellow James Poborsa recently published “From the Illusory to the Political: The Photographic Experiments of Mo Yi,” in Life and Dreams: Contemporary Chinese Photography and Media Art (2018), which explores the widespread adoption of photography, video, and digital imaging by successive generations of Chinese artists, as seen in a range of visually […]

The Korean Pandora’s Box: A Whitewashed Summit

In diplomacy, success in promoting any given policy is never assured, especially when dealing with belligerent nations like North Korea. Yet, Research Analyst Yun Sik James Hwang explores how the recent Singapore summit between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un is considered a major victory for Pyongyang.

The Asian Web: A New Perspective with the Consul General of Germany in Toronto

In this series of podcast interviews, Yun Sik (James) Hwang interviews Consul General Peter Fahrenholtz of the Federal Republic of Germany in Toronto about his personal experience as a diplomat, Canada-Germany relations, and the experience of German re-unification.