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From Minilaterals to Indo-Pacific Treaty Organization: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

FOIP and RBIO Under Threat While many of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member-states are heavily preoccupied with providing military assistance to Ukraine’s self-defence against Russia’s war of aggression in the eastern flank, the latest string of events in the Indo-Pacific is a growing cause of concern that could spark a regional armed conflict Read More…

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The Rise of the ”TikTok General”: Unpacking Possible Continuities and Changes in Indonesia’s Foreign Policy under President-Elect Prabowo Subianto

Abstract: Indonesia’s election commission has confirmed that Minister of Defence Prabowo Subianto will be the next President of Indonesia. What could possibly remain and change in Jakarta’s foreign policy? In this article, Program Editor Mark Davis Madarang Pablo analyzes the probable sets of economic and security policies that Subianto might pursue against the backdrop of Read More…

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Summer 2023 NATO Association of Canada-Canadian Army Journal Co-Publication Released

The NATO Association of Canada is pleased to announce the publication of its summer 2023 publication, Cutting through the Haze: Grey Zone Operations and Contemporary Threats. Produced in collaboration with the Canadian Army Journal (CAJ), the volume explores grey zone operations and other dimensions of today’s threat landscape. The grey zone, which the volume describes Read More…

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Prepping for 2030: The Young Leaders’ Perspective on NATO’s Future

Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is set to outline the NATO 2030 initiative to the 30 NATO member countries next week. In prep, Eric Jackson highlights the NATO 2030 Young Leaders’ recommendations on how to strengthen the Alliance.

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Deutschland’s Dissonance: Nordstream, Nazism and NATO’s Peril

Despite NATO’s objections, as Germany persists in cooperation with Russia, Arjun Singh deconstructs the German strategic calculus on Nord Stream 2 and impact of Holocaust history.

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Testing NATO’s limits: Actionable Policy vs. Deterrence and Soft Power

Is NATO doing enough? In this comprehensive piece, analyst and program editor Taylor Allen critically analyzes bilateral relations between NATO and Russia amidst growing tensions over the past decade.

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Alternative Leadership in NATO

In this interesting publication, Taylor Allen forecasts the possibility of a NATO without American leadership amidst serious claims and criticisms from President Donald Trump.