Asia-Pacific Democratic People's Republic of Korea Diplomatic Relations Republic of Korea Security, Trade and the Economy The United States of America Yun Sik (James) Hwang

The Asian Web: A New Perspective with Dr. David A. Welch

In this series of podcast interviews, Yun Sik (James) Hwang interviews Dr. David A. Welch about his personal experience as a scholar, Canada-Asia relations, and the 2018 North Korea-United States summit.

Iraq Jayson Derow NATO and Canada NATO Operations The United States of America

Nous avons gagné la bataille, mais nous avons perdu la guerre

Les États-Unis n’ont pas changé après le 11 septembre. Au contraire, il est devenu plus de lui-même. Jayson Derow soutient que l’administration Bush a utilisé le 11 septembre pour légitimer l’expansion de la puissance américaine afin d’assurer sa suprématie militaire et économique.

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Defence Spending Defense Diplomatic Relations Jayson Derow The United States of America

Securitizing US Foreign Policy: The Rise of Militarism in American Diplomacy

Although securitization has provided the US military a broader role and influence, Jayson Derow analyzes the resulting imbalance of resources and authority in US foreign policy management.

Carter Vance Defense Diplomatic Relations Intelligence & National Security Society, Culture, and Security The United States of America

Trump’s Popularity Shows NATO’s Need to Justify Itself

The recent popularity of Donald Trump’s and others anti-NATO platforms marks the need for NATO to convey it’s legitimacy . Carter Vance explains how now more than ever NATO needs to reaffirm its importance to its constituent publics

Investment Marko Gombac Security, Trade and the Economy The United States of America

Why you Should Pay Attention to Trump on his Bank Busting Political Strategy

The Republicans are trying to take the role of Bank Reformists away from the Democrats. Marko Gombac explains how this political strategy highlights important problems in the west’s economy