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Progress on China’s New Silk Road sets path for Prosperity and Economic Integration

China’s OneBelt, OneRoad initiative is building massive infrastructure projects throughout Eurasia. Marko Gombac examines how China plans to bring economic prosperity and stability to a tumultuous region.

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Finland’s tango with neutrality and NATO membership

This week’s article on NATO expansion focuses on Finland; its security situation within Europe, and its evolving relationship with NATO. Following the end of World War Two, Finland became a militarily neutral state. Though officially a Western market economy, Finland enjoyed a special relationship with the Soviet Union and the West in the Cold War Read More…

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Panel on NATO, Russia and the Future of Scandinavian Defence Recap – January 7, 2016

Here is a summary of the panel event entitled ‘NATO, Russia and the Future of Scandinavian Defence’ that was held in Montreal on the January 7, 2016.