The NAOC’s Global Horizons program is our outreach initiative oriented specifically towards high school students interested in learning more about international affairs, Canadian foreign policy, and NATO. Our website is dedicated to educating the public on current events in international affairs, and this page is devoted to making that process easier for high school students by providing resources that help guide them into this world and offer advice on pursuing a career in political science or international relations.

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NATO’s Building Integrity Policy: The Promotion of Good Governance to Reduce Security Risks

Junior research fellow Sivan Ghasem analyzes NATO’s Building Integrity (BI) and the promotion of good governance and principles of integrity, transparency and accountability in the defence and security sector.

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Testing NATO’s limits: Actionable Policy vs. Deterrence and Soft Power

Is NATO doing enough? In this comprehensive piece, analyst and program editor Taylor Allen critically analyzes bilateral relations between NATO and Russia amidst growing tensions over the past decade.

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Policing the Final Frontier: When International Law becomes Extraterrestrial

In this special extended report, Taylor Allen analyzes current space legislation and treaties and their effectiveness against the goals and technological advancements of both state actors and the private sector.

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La traite d’êtres humains : un fléau mondial qui continue d’inquiéter et de mobiliser la communauté internationale

Le 14 novembre dernier, CNN diffusait sur sa chaîne un reportage sur des migrants africains vendus comme esclaves en Lybie. Un reportage choc qui a permis de dénoncer une nouvelle fois les atrocités vécus par de nombreux migrants, et qui, plus largement nous rappelle que la traite d’êtres humains est loin d’avoir disparue.   Une Read More…