Kristyn completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations from Carleton University. Her particular interests lie in the history of the Soviet Union and the Eastern European politics. She moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after graduating and had the opportunity to travel, in her travels she interacted with many diverse groups of people. Recently, she has moved back to Canada and is looking for prospects related to her field.
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What Turkey’s Failed Coup Could Mean for Future U.S. Relations

In the aftermath of the failed attempt at a military coup against the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, there is potential for major shifts in the current geopolitical alliances. Kristyn Byrne explores what this means for Turkey’s NATO membership and relations Turkey-U.S. relations.

Kristyn Byrne Security, Trade and the Economy

Venezuela: In the Midst of a Political and Economic Crisis

Venezuela is quickly heading in the direction of a failed state and the Organization of American States is looking expel it. Kristyn Byrne discusses the internal economic and political crises taking place in Venezuela today and what they may mean for the future of Venezuela’s membership in the OAS.

Expanding Community Kristyn Byrne

India Joining The Nuclear Suppliers Group: Should Exceptions be Made?

The United States is supporting India’s bid for membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group event though the state refuses to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Kristyn Byrne explores the political dynamics surrounding India’s possible entrance into this exclusive club.