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Defence Matters in Canada

Defence Matters in Canada: Findings From a Cross Canada Discussion

Published September 2013

A project that the NCC (then the Atlantic Council) had a great part in, and one which has gained in importance since it was written is the Defense Matters Report of 2013. We highly recommend this piece as an expert series of opinions on the matter of military build up and spending.

Excerpt from the Preface:

In the spring of 2013, the Secretary General launched a research project inviting eight think tanks across NATO to explore the question why defence does or does not “matter” in member countries and to recommend measures to address the issue. The Atlantic Council of Canada agreed to anchor the project in Canada, with Paul Chapin and Col. (ret) Brian MacDonald responsible for preparing the background materials for the discussions, chairing and animating consultations across the country, scanning analytical studies, reviewing data from public opinion polling, documenting the findings, and preparing the report to be submitted to the International Staff at NATO headquarters in Brussels. Findings attempt to capture the views of both “ordinary Canadians” and expert opinion.

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