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Petrocaribe and Oil Diplomacy: Pitfalls and Opportunities in Latin American and Caribbean Energy Politics [Part I]

In the first of a two-part series, Marta Canneri examines Petrocaribe, the energy partnership between Venezuela and surrounding countries.

Asia-Pacific China Culture Development Diplomatic Relations Elliot Cho Energy & Resources Expanding Community Global Governance International Relations Investment migration Peace & Security Rights Security Society Society, Culture, and Security Trade Transitional Justice Uzbekistan Women

A Chinese Classic Reflecting the Nature of Modern China

Elliot Cho illustrates the story of heroes featured in the timeless Chinese classic Records of Grand Historian and points its similarities to modern China.

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Militarized Masculinity and Gendered Security: War and Peace From a Feminist Perspective I

Saman Rejali explores how gendered notions of war impact the exclusion of raped victim’s experiences during “peace” time.