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Canada in the World: Youth Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security

Canada in the World: Youth Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security

Published May 2015

The Atlantic Council of Canada is proud to present its first publication focused on Women, Peace and Security: Canada in the World: Youth Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security. The publication is a joint-effort by ACC members, Junior Research Fellows and external contributors. It was edited by ACC program editors and is highly suggested to anyone interested in the role of women in security.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

The Atlantic Council of Canada’s Youth Dialogue on Women, Peace, and Security puts forward the notion that the failure of Western security structures to take into account the roles of women stems from a cultural and societal refusal to treat women as legitimate and independent political actors.

It will explore this failure through studies on the perception of women, and their experiences, as policymakers in national governments, as agents of Islamist terror, as participants in international peacekeeping and peacemaking missions, as agents of post- war reconstruction; and the use of the symbolic role of women as mothers and daughters of the nation to both justify and condemn political violence. In so doing, The Youth Dialogue on Women, Peace, and Security hopes to present a cross- structural analysis of women’s varied roles in maintaining and challenging international security structures.

Thank you for reading and caring about our cause!

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Canada in the World.Youth Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security

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