Asia-Pacific Emilio Angeles Indo-Pacific and NATO Security, Trade and the Economy

Biden and the Comprehensive and Progressive Transpacific Partnership: Challenges for Re-entry

The greatest challenge for Biden in the Pacific may be proving that U.S participation in multilateral-free trade agreements is a necessity and not a luxury. Emilio Angeles writes.

Nilum Panesar Security, Trade and the Economy

Budget 2017: The Good and the Bad in Healthcare for Indigenous Communities and Health Researchers

Canada is globally praised for its universal, inclusive healthcare. Yet the federal budget for 2017 continues to grapple with health issues plaguing Canadian stakeholders, and some needs are addressed better than others.

Carter Vance Security, Trade and the Economy Southeast Asia

Are Bitcoins for the Mainstream, and Are Governments Ready for Them

Bitcoin and other so-called Crypto-currency have been a hot topic in the world of currency for many years but have stayed in a legal grey zone. Carter Vance examines how a decision by Australian authorities can be forging a new path to legitimize the currency.