Bryan Roh is a research analyst for the Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats program at the NATO Association of Canada. He is a graduate of the Cybersecurity Analyst Diploma Program at Willis College and also a graduate of the University of Toronto where he specialized in security issues related to the Asia-Pacific region. He is a former Compliance Director for the G7 Research Group at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy and has published his work in numerous online platforms. Bryan is also a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces where he initially developed an interest in information security and national security issues.

Bryan Roh Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

The Need for Secure AI Design Frameworks and AI Model Security

AI technologies are becoming widely adopted in industries across the globe for their potential to revolutionize how organizations engage in business. For example, a report published in late 2020 by McKinsey suggests that organizations are increasingly viewing AI as a tool to generate value, and that the COVID-19 pandemic has further spurred business leaders to Read More…