The NATO Association of Canada’s Society, Culture, and Security program takes a look at the issues that impact Canadians’ every day lives while connecting them to international relations. The program covers a wide range of topics, which include: pop culture, art, film, global events, and socio-political relations. In addition, Society, Culture, and IR aims to examine and provide in-depth analyses that relate international affairs to the interests of Canadian society.

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The NATO Council of Canada Hosts a Luncheon for the Producer and Cast of the Mirvish Production The Two Worlds of Charlie F.

“ The Two Worlds of Charlie F. presented those lucky enough to attend with the simple sight and sound of injured servicemen and women sharing their stories, their battle scars, their pain for two gripping hours”

Rebecca McFadgen Society, Culture, and Security The Middle East and North Africa

Scarlett Johansson and Sodastream: The Role of Celebrities on the International Stage

Rebecca McFadgen discusses Scarlett Johansson’s recent defense of Sodastream – a company that manufactures its products on territory designated as part of a future Palestinian state – and whether celebrities have any real impact on international relations.