The NATO Association of Canada’s Society, Culture, and Security program takes a look at the issues that impact Canadians’ every day lives while connecting them to international relations. The program covers a wide range of topics, which include: pop culture, art, film, global events, and socio-political relations. In addition, Society, Culture, and IR aims to examine and provide in-depth analyses that relate international affairs to the interests of Canadian society.

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The Crimean Tatars and the Indigenous Peoples of Quebec: Similarities In the Face of Separation

Building on last week’s article “The Tatar Question”, Rebecca McFadgen identifies connections between the Crimean Tatars and the indigenous peoples of Quebec.

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Fashion and Bangladesh: Human Rights Issues Bursting at the Seams

Since last year’s tragic Bangladesh factory collapse, mass retailers are facing increasing scrutiny for their manufacturing practices, a sentiment demonstrated during the World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto. The event, which showcased designs from Canadian designers, spotlighted the current labour practices still taking place in Bangladesh and the commitment of corporations to take responsibility for their Read More…