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The History of Defining Justice: How International Law Is Being Used to Right Past Wrongs

Palestine has indicated that it wants to take legal action against Britain for the 1917 Balfour Declaration that lead to the creation of Israel. As historical reparations cases become more common, what does this mean for our understanding of international justice?

Society, Culture, and Security Vedran Kuljanin

Alexander the Great and Macedonian Identity: What the West Doesn’t Understand About the Balkans- Part II

Part II of Vedran Kuljanin’s series of “What the West Doesn’t Understand About the Balkans” looks at Alexander the Great and the lasting impact Macedonian identity has had on Greece and on the Republic of Macedonia.

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How the Summer’s “Great Fall of China” Revealed the Communist Party’s Worst Fears- Part I

John Pollock discusses in detail the summer collapse of China’s Shanghai Stock Index and the implications for China’s transition from a command to a market economy.