Konstantinos Efthymiou is a Junior Research Fellow for the Society, Culture and International Relations program at the NATO Association of Canada. Konstantinos graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology and a Master's in International Security from the University of Bristol, UK, where he developed his expertise in Near & Middle Eastern and Balkan political affairs. In addition to his academic work, Konstantinos has worked as a writer and editor for articles, as well as analyzed, created charts and presentation as part of several newspapers and on-line editorial organizations, and as a member in former Greek Military boards. Currently, Konstantinos is serving global security equilibrium as a senior political risk and security analyst in Other Solutions Ltd – Risk management services - in London, and is contributing to online simulations as part of Wikistrat Inc. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time writing op-eds for newspapers, reading books, adventure sports, and contributing to local charities. You can connect with Konstantinos via Twitter @ efthymiou_k
Centre For Disinformation Studies

What Constitutes Fake News in Hong Kong

Between March and October of 2020, 17 countries passed new laws aimed at stifling the spread of online misinformation. Citing the increasingly contentious pandemic-related content as a primary justification, multiple governments and distinctly authoritarian regimes cracked down on critics and limited individual expression under the pretense of maintaining social stability. Hong Kong is keen to Read More…

Legal Editor Lex et Orbis

Locke’s Argument for Extra-Legal Prerogatives in a Modern Legal Constitutional Framework

This essay inquires whether John Locke’s stands on prerogatives still applicable in the liberal constitutional democracy. First, the essay analyzes how prerogatives work in a modern liberal constitutional framework. Second, it argues whether there is a need for an extra-legal prerogative in a modern liberal constitutional democracy. Locke argues that the deficit within the legislature is the Read More…

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Delivering the COVID-19 Vaccines: Global Cooperation on a Common Goal

These experts will address the challenges of procuring and equitably distributing the COVID-19 vaccine across the globe, as well as the challenges of international cooperation in tackling a common threat. Make sure to join us to hear from these wonderful speakers!

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Reflections on Future Trans-Atlantic Priorities: A Croatian Perspective

We are excited to be holding a virtual discussion with H.E. Vice Skračić, the Croatian Ambassador to Canada, on March 10th! The discussion will primarily focus on Croatia and Canada’s Bilateral Relationship, Common Security Interests, and challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also touch upon the NATO Alliance and the Croatian Delegation, and Read More…