Marko is currently completing his BA (hons.) in Political Science with a minor in Transitional Justice. He is pursuing entrance into an MSc International Relations program, and his research interests include civil society development, extractive resource ownership and emerging security issues. His non-professional interests include sailing, skiing, and travel.
Marko Gombac Security, Trade and the Economy

Common Energy Markets – Interdependence in Critical Infrastructure between China, Pakistan, and others promotes peace

China’s $1.5 Billion investment in Pakistan energy utility provider signals a new wave of economic integration in Eurasia. Marko Gombac explains how interdependence on critical infrastructure creates peaceful relations

Marko Gombac Saudi Arabia Security, Trade and the Economy The Middle East and North Africa

Oil Cartel Kingdom: Saudi Arabia Plans to take State Oil Company Public

Saudi Arabia has expressed interest in public listing its state owned oil company Aramco. The value is set at $2 trillion, but why now? Marko Gombac explains how the world oil market and its realities are forcing the cartel king’s hand

Central Asia Diplomatic Relations Europe Immigration Marko Gombac Security, Trade and the Economy

The Weaponization of Populations: What Erdogan’s strong-arming means for the European Project

Erdogan has threatened to drop out of the migrant deal should the EU not grant visa-free travel to Turkish citizens by October. Marko Gombac explores how the weaponization of populations sets a dangerous precedent for a Europe in crisis

China Development Eastern Europe and Russia Energy & Resources Marko Gombac Security, Trade and the Economy The Middle East and North Africa

Progress on China’s New Silk Road sets path for Prosperity and Economic Integration

China’s OneBelt, OneRoad initiative is building massive infrastructure projects throughout Eurasia. Marko Gombac examines how China plans to bring economic prosperity and stability to a tumultuous region.

Investment Marko Gombac Security, Trade and the Economy The United States of America

Why you Should Pay Attention to Trump on his Bank Busting Political Strategy

The Republicans are trying to take the role of Bank Reformists away from the Democrats. Marko Gombac explains how this political strategy highlights important problems in the west’s economy

Europe Marko Gombac Security, Trade and the Economy

Burying the Issue: How Immigration has Become Misrepresented in BREXIT

Political Correctness and Racism have obscured a much larger problem that exists in most develpoed economies that the issue of immigration has revealed. Marko Gombac explores the dangers of free movement of the labour market in the 21st century

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The EU’s Swan Song: Labor Reform in France and the Divisiveness of Belt-Tightening

France is in a state of emergency, but not due to terror threats. Marko Gombac discusses what labor Reforms and Riots in the Third largest EU economy mean for the stability of the Union