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NATO Association of Canada interviews the British Consul General and Director-General for UK Trade and Investment in Toronto, Kevin McGurgan

Kevin McGurgan is currently the British Consul General and Director-General for Trade and Investment in Toronto. Since joining the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in 1990, Mr. McGurgan has had a dynamic life in diplomacy. Some of his previous responsibilities include serving as the Deputy Head of the Iraq Policy Unity in the Foreign Office from 2005 to 2008, and Deputy Head of the NATO Provincial Reconstruction Team in Helmand, Afghanistan from 2008 to 2009. Immediately prior to coming to Toronto in 2014, he was the British Consul General in Miami, Florida.

In this interview, Mr. McGurgan talks to Michele Di Leo about his diplomatic career, Britain’s path after Brexit, and Canada-UK relations.

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Michele Di Leo
Michele currently serves as a Research Analyst and Project Manager at the NATO Association of Canada. He graduated with an Honours B.A from the University of Toronto, specialising in History and minoring in French and Political Science. During his time at the NATO Association of Canada, Michele has had the opportunity to interview various diplomats, including Ambassadors and Consul Generals, and senior government officials on important matters related to security, economics, and development. His areas of interest include studying how societal and cultural elements affect the international system, and also how multilateral organizations can adapt if they are to stay relevant in an increasingly volatile world. Passionate about history and languages, Michele is currently studying French and German and hopes to live abroad in the near future. Contact: mdileo.nc@gmail.com