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What Role Will Mercenaries Play in Future Warfare?: An Interview with Dr. Sean McFate

The growing presence of private military companies (PMCs) in armed conflict has introduced major security challenges. Emily Mullin, Program Editor at the NATO Association, spoke to Dr. Sean McFate, foreign policy expert, author, and novelist, to discuss the implications behind the rise of PMCs.

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Interviewing Nicola de Santis, NATO’s Head of Middle East and North Africa Section

In this interview Sivan Ghasem asks Mr. Nicola de Santis, head of section of the
Middle East and North division in NATO’s Political Affairs and Security Policy Section about the Mediterranean Dialogue initiative at NATO.

Amaliah Reiskind Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

Interview with Dr Deniz Beten, Senior SPS and Partnership Cooperation Advisor, NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division

2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme, one of NATO’s key non-military cooperation initiatives. Senior SPS and Partnership Cooperation Advisor Dr. Deniz Beten answers questions for Program Editor Amaliah Reiskind on the Programme’s history, impacts, and how Canadians can get involved.

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Exclusive: Canada’s Ambassador to the United States, H.E. David MacNaughton, discusses Canadian-American relations with the NATO Association of Canada

In this exclusive interview, H.E. David MacNaughton talks about the critical role that he plays, as Canada’s Ambassador to it’s most important ally, during this critical time in Canada-U.S. relations.