Amaliah Reiskind is a Program Editor at the NATO Association of Canada. Last year she completed her post-graduate studies in Global Security at the University of Glasgow. During her studies she focused predominately on emerging cyber security issues, knowledge she further augmented with enterprise cyber security classes at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Education. She holds a Bachelor's of Commerce from Ryerson University, which she used to build international experience, working with firms with interests in South East Asia. Amaliah briefly taught English as a Second Language in South Korea and on her return worked closely with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Canada to build a network for new and returning ESL teachers.
Amaliah Reiskind Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

Start your Engines: The Launch of an American Space Force

What many had assumed was just posturing has now gained momentum and could become a reality sooner than expected. How the plan for an American Space Force came about and what it could mean for international security is explored in this article by Program Editor Amaliah Reiskind.

Amaliah Reiskind Women in Security

Interview with Stéfanie von Hlatky on the NATO SPS supported Gender and International Security Summer School

Recently a NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) initiative culminated in a summer school program on Gender in International Security. Course director Stéfanie von Hlatky talks with Program Editor Amaliah Reiskind about the program and her experience working with the SPS Programme.

Amaliah Reiskind Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

Cyber Security and Maritime Commercial Shipping: Is Everything Ship Shape?

As the shipping industry continues to mature, it is turning to technology to handle the large amounts of information, data, and goods flowing through its supply chains. However, as Program Editor Amaliah Reiskind explains, these tools have been implemented without proper concern for the vulnerabilities they open the industry up to.

Amaliah Reiskind Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

Interview with Dr Deniz Beten, Senior SPS and Partnership Cooperation Advisor, NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division

2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme, one of NATO’s key non-military cooperation initiatives. Senior SPS and Partnership Cooperation Advisor Dr. Deniz Beten answers questions for Program Editor Amaliah Reiskind on the Programme’s history, impacts, and how Canadians can get involved.

Amaliah Reiskind Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

Cyber Drill Locked Shields: More Relevant Now Than Ever

In April NATO’s CCDCOE wrapped up its annual advanced cyber defence exercise. The largest live-fire cyber drill in the world, Locked Shields focuses on honing the communication and coordination skills of member states’ cyber experts, Program Editor Amaliah Reiskind explains why this is so important.