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Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Security, Trade and the Economy

Reconciling Sustainable Energy Development with Economic Growth

The need to confront climate change is no longer solely an academic debate. It is a policy priority. Climate change is one of the most devastating environmental problems of this century and has recently found its way into the center of political debate and discussion, even making its way onto President Barack Obama’s agenda as Read More…

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

Melting Ice and off-shore drilling in the Arctic

It is projected that over the course of this century, the average global temperature will rise between 1-4°C. The most noticeable effect of climate change is occurring in the Arctic, where warmer summers mean record lows for ice spread and in the foreseeable future, ice-free summers at the North Pole. Should the trend indeed persist, it will Read More…

Aaron Willschick Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Eastern Europe and Russia Expanding Community

In Too ‘DEEP.’ NATO as an Institutional Educator

Transitioning from its supreme role as the security guarantor of the world, Aaron Willschick discusses NATO’s participation in education and institutional reform in emerging countries with the Defence Education Enhancement Program (DEEP).

Aaron Willschick Canada Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Maritime Nation NATO and Canada Terrorism

A Lack of Coordination: The U.S., Canada and the Threat of Maritime Attacks

Despite the increased coordination in Canada-U.S. border security since 9/11, Aaron Willschick argues that the two countries are still far apart when it comes to the perceived risk to their maritime borders.

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Eastern Europe and Russia Milosz Zak Western Europe

Casualties of the Crisis? US “No” on Missile Defense, EADS-BAE merger collapse, and an ever more constrained CFSP

Milosz Zak surveys the many setbacks in European security, aerospace and defense sectors, and global outreach, in light of US disengagement from the European theatre, outdated territorial mentality in strategic industries, and all round budget cuts.

Aaron Willschick Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Eastern Europe and Russia Western Europe

The New Cold War? NATO-Russian Relations in 2013

Aaron Willschick argues that NATO-Russian relations have hit a low point in the wake of the annual Munich Security Conference last week. Unless Cold War sentiments and old hostilities are left in the past, relations between the two sides will remain fragile and unpredictable.