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Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Joseph McQuade Upcoming Events

A Genealogy of Terrorism: Colonial Law and the Origins of an Idea

To register for event click here. See NAOC Editor-in-Chief Dr. Joseph McQuade discuss his new book with Jawad Hussain Qureshi, Senior South Asia Analyst at the PCO. About this Event Join us to hear NATO Association of Canada’s Editor-in-Chief Dr. Joseph McQuade discuss his new book  A Geneology of Terrorism: Colonial Law and the Origins of An Read More…

Women in Security

The Long and Winding Road: NATO and the UN’s Approach to Women and R2P

In this article, Nicole Dougherty, explores how NATO and the UN have approached the topic of Women and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P). The article explores how the organizations have created policies and practices meant to address this issue and provides some policy suggestions on how they can improve them in the future.

Climate Change Society, Culture, and Security Upcoming Events

Media Advisory: Climate Trends, Expected Impacts & What Can Be Done?

To register for event click here. Topics: Current climate warming trend, its expected impact, what can be done and upcoming associated conference. About this Event This media advisory event will be hosted on May 4th at 11 am and be about the current climate warming trend, its expected impact on human security and what should Read More…

Centre For Disinformation Studies

What Constitutes Fake News in Hong Kong

Between March and October of 2020, 17 countries passed new laws aimed at stifling the spread of online misinformation. Citing the increasingly contentious pandemic-related content as a primary justification, multiple governments and distinctly authoritarian regimes cracked down on critics and limited individual expression under the pretense of maintaining social stability. Hong Kong is keen to Read More…

Legal Editor Lex et Orbis

Locke’s Argument for Extra-Legal Prerogatives in a Modern Legal Constitutional Framework

This essay inquires whether John Locke’s stands on prerogatives still applicable in the liberal constitutional democracy. First, the essay analyzes how prerogatives work in a modern liberal constitutional framework. Second, it argues whether there is a need for an extra-legal prerogative in a modern liberal constitutional democracy. Locke argues that the deficit within the legislature is the Read More…