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Canada in the World: Youth Dialogue on Emerging International Security Challenges

The NATO Association of Canada presents “Canada in the World: Youth Dialogue on Emerging International Security Challenges”

Defense Diplomatic Relations Human Rights Intelligence & National Security International Relations Kevin Hempstead Saudi Arabia Society, Culture, and Security Terrorism The Middle East and North Africa

Turning A Blind Eye to Human Rights? America’s Strategic Partnership With Bahrain

Kevin Hempstead analyzes the strategic partnership between the U.S. and Bahrain and why Human rights abuses in Bahrain are often swept under the rug.

Asia-Pacific Human Rights Kevin Hempstead Society, Culture, and Security Uzbekistan

MRAP’s, Goodwill Initiatives, and Human Rights Abuses: Uzbekistan and the Central Asian Conundrum

Kevin Hempstead explores the troubling human rights records of Central Asian countries, specifically Uzbekistan and why more has not been done to try and stop human rights abuses in the region.