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Canada in the World: Youth Dialogue on Emerging International Security Challenges

The NATO Association of Canada (NAOC) presents a publication with pieces focused on examining issues and threats related to international security. Written entirely by young professionals, this publication aims to create a more informed citizenry and provide engaging discourse on the fluid and fast paced environment of global security. The NAOC would like to thank the editing team and all of the authors for contributing to this publication.

Below is an excerpt from the Introduction:

In the Wales Summit Declaration of 2014, NATO member states agreed that the aggressive actions in Ukraine, the growing instability in the Middle East and North Africa, and the “transnational and multidimensional” threats around the world are fundamentally challenging international security. “These could all have long-term consequences for peace and security in the Euro-Atlantic region and stability across the globe.” These changes to the international security environment mean that NATO, and other international organizations, need to remain vigilant. “Political will, resources, and capabilities” are at the core of facing any emerging international security challenges in future decades. 

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Canada in the World: Youth Dialogue on Emerging International Security Challenges

The NAOC firmly believes that addressing today’s security challenges requires meaningful engagement with and cultivation of Canada’s next generation of leaders. In the spirit of a true dialogue, the NAOC encourages all readers to send comments and responses to All messages will be promptly forwarded to the appropriate author.

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The NATO Association of Canada (NAOC) strives to educate and engage Canadians about NATO and its goals of peace, prosperity and security. The NAOC ensures Canada has an informed citizenry able to participate in discussions about its role on the world stage.