Indo-Pacific and NATO

Special Report: NATO’s Indo-Pacific Strategy Needs Japan

In this special report, Junior Research Fellow Andrew Erskine explores how NATO-Japanese relations are key for upholding a rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific. In particular, Andrew identifies how Japan, back with NATO’s diplomatic experience, can bring together Indo-Pacific nations that do not desire a bipolar order dominated by Sino-US great power competition.

Indo-Pacific and NATO

The Indo-Pacific Takeaway: How can NATO build up its resiliency to China and a contentious global order

In this article, Junior Research Fellow Andrew Erskine identifies how a contentious Indo-Pacific can strategically maneuver NATO to preserve transatlantic prosperity by renewing its resiliency to Chinese cyber and economic coercion.

Security, Trade and the Economy

Strait to the Bank: A Look at the Growing Economic Relationship Between China and Taiwan

On November 7, the world witnessed a historic meeting of minds; Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeo met publicly in Singapore. This meeting was the first of its kind between both parties since the conclusion of the Chinese Civil War in 1949. For observers, it signified a mutual affirmation of interest towards Read More…