Meverest Lin is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto studying Peace Conflict and Justice and Criminology. She is one of the program editors at the NAOC and has a special interest in Indo-Pacific politics. More specifically, because of her background in immigrating to Canada from China and her parents' experiences, she is intrigued by China's geopolitics and its place on the international stage moving into the twenty-first century.
Indo-Pacific and NATO Meverest Lin

China’s Ascendance: Its History And Hazards – Who Does Hong Kong Belong To? China’s Domestic Struggles

Why does Hong Kong have its own team representing it at the Olympics? Why do some Hong Kongers refuse to identify as Chinese? It is because, until this day, the international status of Hong Kong is still unclear. This has implications not only for Hong Kong, but also for mainland China’s domestic and international stability. Read More…

Society, Culture, and Security

China’s Ascendance: Its History and Hazards –  Part 2: The Long March  

If you read “China” in Chinese, it actually means “Middle Kingdom.” It epitomizes why, politically and culturally, a significant proportion of the Chinese population believes that China is a superlative civilization that must restore itself to its “former glory.”  Chinese emperors have fought for control of one of the longest-lasting empires on earth, from the mythical Read More…

Security, Trade and the Economy

China’s Ascendance: Its History and Hazards – Part 1: China’s Rising Influence

In recent decades, China has established itself as a nation with global interests and the ability to fundamentally affect world order. In the past, the international community was more passive about China’s ascent. However, now that the West is becoming more aware of China’s growing power, the question naturally arises: Is China a threat? Some commentators claim that China’s Read More…