Society, Culture, and Security Victoria Clennan

Civil War [In Review]: The Role of the War Time Journalist.

Warning: This analysis contains spoilers. “Mr. President… sir, how is your policy evolving in the use of airstrikes against American citizens?”  Alex Garland’s Civil War paints a searing picture of a dystopian America caught in the throes of civil war, a country divided by warring states and military violence. While the President hides in the Read More…

Security, Trade and the Economy William Lloyd

The Economic State of Syria

The Syrian Civil War is drawing to a close, and at long last. Since its inception in March of 2011, the conflict has provoked utter calamity on a scale not otherwise seen since World War Two. Originating from an unassuming incident, the war has spiraled out of control, with the resulting carnage leaving upwards of Read More…

Jayson Derow Operations

Drawing lines in the sand: why partitioning Syria may be the only means to managing an enduring civil war

With over five years of bloodshed on all fronts of the Syrian civil war, and with no reasonable solution in sight, Jayson Derow analyzes whether the separation of ethnic groups through de facto partition is a feasible strategy to manage ethnic conflict, or is such an approach actually a conflict waiting to happen?