Canada, NATO, and the Global Threat of Disinformation: An Interview with Brigadier-General Jay Janzen

Ryan Atkinson, Research Analyst at the NATO Association of Canada, recently sat down with Brigadier-General Jay Janzen to discuss the global threat of disinformation. The evermore pertinent problem of disinformation necessitates global action to prevent the further manipulation of information to polarize political discourse as has been witnessed in recent years. The Canadian Federal Election this October 2019 requires civil society and the public and private sectors to be prepared to face and prevent the influence of disinformation on the democratic electoral process.

Spying for Gadhafi: The Foreign Export of Surveillance Capabilities to Libya

In this article, Analyst and Editor Ryan Atkinson outlines the pervasive surveillance technologies used by the Gadhafi regime to spy on Libya’s population. Previously secret archives discovered after the fall of Tripoli in 2011 reveal the extent of the export of such technologies to the regime by foreign corporations.