Demyan is an international researcher and published writer on international relations, multilateralism, and security. He is currently evaluating the efficacy of sanctions imposed on Russia at the Institute of European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (Carleton University). As a Research Assistant at Carleton University, Demyan is developing regional profiles examining mobility for innovation and growth. He previously worked at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Environment and Climate Change, and Attorney General. Additionally, Demyan also founded YATA in Ontario and the YATA Research Project in Denmark. Demyan graduated from Western University and the University of Copenhagen with a BA Honours Specialization of Political Science.
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Reviewing Russian-Canadian Bilateral Relations

Demyan Plakhov analyzes the current bilateral relationship between Canada and Russia. He outlines areas of discontent that have increased tensions between the two countries, but also indicates certain areas of cooperation where Canada and Russia could find potential diplomatic footing. Demyan’s recommendations provide Canada with potential solutions in reducing bilateral tensions and create a foundation for a diplomatic future.”

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

Diplomatic Chess in the Arctic

The rapidly melting Arctic is creating an opportunity for resource extraction and the expansion of shipping routes. In 2008, under the US Department of the Interior’s supervision, the United States Geological Survey estimated that 13% of the world’s undiscovered oil and 30% of its gas is located in the Arctic Circle. Eight years later at Read More…