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Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Uri Marantz

From Cyber Security to Cyber Warfare

Public Safety Canada and the Department of Homeland Security in the United States recently announced the Cyber Security Action Plan of 2012, a bilateral initiative designed to improve both countries’ cyber security forces and protect mutually vulnerable digital infrastructure.  This plan indicates that cyber security threats are not bound by national boundaries or confined to Read More…

Enko Koceku NATO and Canada Strategic Reserve

New Horizons: The Future as Dictated by Canadian Military Procurement

In July 2011, the Canadian Forces completed their decade long combat deployment in Afghanistan as part of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force. While the Government of Canada has kept 950 individuals in Kabul on board as advisors for Afghan army training personnel, one must wonder what  lies on the horizon for the Canadian Armed Read More…

Andrew Chisholm Canada NATO and Canada

Shifting to the Anglosphere: ideology, experience, or both?

Canada and the UK recently signed a memorandum detailing their intention to find ways to cooperate in providing consular services in countries where one or the other does not have representation. The announcement prompted a great deal of commentary, on many different aspects of the move.

Previous Events Women in Security

Nov. 21: Roundtable Conference – Women on the Frontline

Please join us from 6:00-­8:30pm on the evening of November 21st at Hazelton Place for a discussion on Canada’s initiatives to integrate women into its domestic and international defence policies. This conference will explore the barriers female combatants face both in their employment in Canada and their operational deployment in Afghanistan. Furthermore, it will consider Read More…