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#16DaysOfActivism Interview Series: Sana Afouaiz

The NATO Association of Canada is proud to be a part of the ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence’ campaign. For the campaign, the NATO Association of Canada has compiled an interview series with women doing great work in Canada to showcase why it is important to fight against gender-based violence.


Sana Afouaiz is the founder of Womenpreneur, an initiative that supports female entrepreneurs through the process of delivering their initiatives in the Middle East and North Africa. She founded the organization after conducting extensive research and discovering that stimulating the economy through entrepreneurship was the most sustainable way to empower women. Sana is also the founder of “Flourish,” a digital platform that tells the stories of inspiring female entrepreneurs around the world. The website is a place for women to connect with each other and inform others about their cultural, social, and political perspectives as businesswomen. As these women continue to fight their way through the limits imposed upon them in societies all around the world, it also serves as a platform for inspiration. Sana has been recognized globally for her work as an influencer of policy and a strong female entrepreneur and continues to do great work internationally. In Canada, she is excellent role model for people who want to make a difference in the world.


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Interview conducted by Ambika Varma.

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Ambika Varma
Ambika Varma is a Program Editor for Women and Security. She is a York University graduate with a degree in the biomedical sciences. Ambika has worked as a translator for various UN organizations and as a Compliance Analyst for the G7 Research Group at the University of Toronto. She is highly interested in global health security protocols, the impact of biological weaponry, and the impact of disease on security issues. As an intern for the NAOC, Ambika hopes to engage with important security issues and gain a deeper understanding of the various actors at play. Ambika loves art and literature, and plays the violin!