Charlotte Le Vay Society, Culture, and Security

A Race against Time: Paris Agreement Deadline Looms over Canada’s Slow Moving Climate Change Policy

Why hasn’t Canada ratified the Paris Agreement? Charlotte Le Vay explores why Canadian federal and provincial actors haven’t found consensus on climate change policy to the meet Paris Agreement GHG emission reduction targets.

Elise Wagner Lex et Orbis The Middle East and North Africa

Defying International Law, Syria and the Islamic State Accused of Using Chemical Weapons

Despite promising to destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons, Syria has once again been accused of using the banned arms against its civilians. The Islamic State has also been accused and these accusations were levelled in a new UN report released earlier this month.

Canadian Armed Forces Roderick Ramsden

Unrest in Mali: Canada’s Role in Eradicating Terrorist Forces in West Africa

The security of Mali is of great concern to the international community and in particular to France. Roderick Ramsden examines the situation in Mali and discusses whether Canadian participation would be best suited for the ongoing UN mission or in partnership with France, in their broader operations.