Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

“The Dogs Are Eating Them Now”: An Account of the Heartbreaking Futility of the Canadian War in Afghanistan

Guest contributor Rachel Zack provides a review of Graeme Smith’s sobering account of Canadian involvement in the war in Afghanistan. She argues that Canadian policymakers can garner important lessons from the experience and legacy he describes.

Expanding Community Natasha Dobrijevic

Interview on Education in Armed Conflict with Fe Nogra Abog -Education Advisor at Plan International Canada (Part I of II)

Natasha Dobrijevic interviews Fe Nogra Abog, Education Adviser at Plan Canada, on the importance of education in conflict zones.

Expanding Community Natasha Dobrijevic

Financing Education: Understanding the Education Cannot Wait Fund

In countries and communities where war and natural disasters can last for years, children are not given the opportunity to realize their right to eduction. Natasha Dobrijevic explores the new Education Cannot Wait fund and what it means for the future of education in emergencies.