A Jordanian Response to ISIS: Section II

Section I of this series examined the Jordanian reaction to Lt. Moath Kasasbeh’s execution and concepts of legitimizing military operations through public sentiment in times of crisis. Military action, however, is not a clear-cut path to annihilating this extremist threat.  Contesting ISIS’s influence must not be restricted to sheer military power, and should include ideological […]

A Jordanian Response to ISIS: Section I

Zaid discusses the public Jordanian reaction to Lt. Kasasbeh’s execution at the hands of ISIS. He explores publications regarding intensified Jordanian involvement in the coalition fight against ISIS.

Women and Security in the United Nations: Part II

In part II of this series, Zaid looks into recommendations made to the UNSC by NGO Working Group on WPS to further the implementation of the WPS agenda in the UNSC. In addition, he highlights steps taken by NATO to integrate women into its structure and operations in accordance with its support and adoption of the WPS agenda.