NATO and Canada

Why We Need to Study Impacts When Discussing NATO Burden Sharing

Measuring NATO burden sharing fairness is not an easy task. Benjamin Zyla argues that we need to move beyond focusing on input and output variables due to their methodological limitations, and instead focus on studying the impact that NATO member states have in contributing to NATO’s collective goods.

NATO and Canada

Rethinking NATO’s 2 Per Cent Defence Spending Target: 2023 Enlargement, Canadian Defence Needs, Cooperative Bargaining Models, and Institutional Outcomes 

With Finland having joined NATO, the alliance has added its 31st member. Finland’s significant defence capabilities integrated into NATO will affect Arctic collaboration with some implications for Canada. In this article, Anessa Kimball explores Canadian defence needs, and whether the alliance’s 2 per cent GDP defence spending target remains relevant.

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Deutschland’s Dissonance: Nordstream, Nazism and NATO’s Peril

Despite NATO’s objections, as Germany persists in cooperation with Russia, Arjun Singh deconstructs the German strategic calculus on Nord Stream 2 and impact of Holocaust history.