Adena Eliasoph Society, Culture, and Security

The Politics of Personality: The (de)stabilizing Effects of Political Attitudes

Temperament plays an increasingly relevant role in the success or failure of a political office. Adena Eliasoph explores the media’s role in responsibly informing the public and the impact that ‘identity politics’ can have on global economies, civil society, and multilateralism.

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Business as Usual: A Spotlight on Saudi Arabia’s Troubling Human Rights Record

Adena Eliasoph explores the new Canada-Saudi arms deal, and the potential issues associated with conducting business with a nation that maintains a disregard for human rights.

Adena Eliasoph Expanding Community Global Horizons Society, Culture, and Security

A Ticket Forward: The Transformative Power of Travel

Adena Eliasoph explores the extent to which the non-profit industry can capitalize on the process of globalization, and the social benefits that can be derived by cultivating and galvanizing a culture of globally minded travelers dedicated to paying it forward.

Adena Eliasoph Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Society, Culture, and Security

The Cold War’s Last Frontier: Where North Korea Meets South

Adena Eliasoph explores the history of rivalry on the Korean Peninsula, and the prospect of reunification following the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism in Europe. Adena shares a personal reflection and photos from her visit to the DMZ and Panmunjom in December 2014.

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Failure to Launch: The Economic, Environmental and Social Implications of NASA’s Dwindling Budget

An exploration of the extent to which nationalistic competitive forces drive space exploration, and a critique of the lack of global political will necessary to foster the multilateral engagement required to drive advancement and scientific innovation.

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The Heart of the Issue: How Non-Communicable Diseases are a Barrier to Development

In this analysis, Adena Eliasoph explores the heavy burden that non-communicable diseases (NCDs) impose on developing nations, and the extent to which these health issues impinge on the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

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Medicine without Borders: The Globalization of Healthcare

Adena Eliasoph explores the topic of medical tourism and the impact it can have on economic/social growth, relationship building, increasing healthcare capacity and infrastructure development globally.