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The Projected Effects of a National Price on Carbon

At the beginning of October, Prime Minister Trudeau announced the implementation of a national carbon price. The federal plan will begin to price carbon at C$10 a ton in 2018 and grow to C$50 by 2022. Under the framework, all provinces and territories will be required to have some form of carbon pricing by 2018.


Jemma Finnegan
Jemma Finnegan is the Program Editor for Global Horizons at the NATO Association of Canada. Jemma recently graduated from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland with an MA Honours Degree in International Relations and Social Anthropology. Her research interests are focused on Global Public Policy, avenues of International Governance and Conflict Intervention. Jemma has conducted research for the Sentinel Project relating to the emergence and development of genocide in the Central African Republic and has supported the implementation of poverty alleviation programs both locally and abroad in communities in Uganda. Jemma hopes to continue her studies and pursue a Masters Degree in International Public Policy. Jemma can be reached at