Kazutaka Mayuzumi is currently a 4th year undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Economics and Human Resources/Industrial Relations at the University of Toronto. His main research interests include: economic policy and macroeconomics, financial economics, and financial market structure. His other interests include the causes, impacts and results of financial crises, in particular the 2008 Financial Crisis. After completing his undergraduate degree, he hopes to pursue his Masters degree in Economics and to work at a central bank or other type of financial institution. During his leisure time, he enjoys browsing the web and catching up on events occurring around the world.
Kazutaka Mayuzumi Security, Trade and the Economy

China’s Falling Consumption

Kazutaka explores the causes of the recent drop in GDP growth in the Chinese economy as well as the effects it will have on the domestic and global economy. He also discusses why the Chinese central bank has implemented policies in order to slow the growth of the Chinese economy in order to avoid overheating.