NATO and Canada NATO Operations

The Islamic State Mounts a Resurgence Amid COVID-19

The Islamic State (IS) may not occupy as much contiguous territory as it once did, but that has not diminished its resolve to spread global terror. Emily Mullin examines how the jihadist group is exploiting COVID-19 to gain respite, and what this means for NATO operations in the Middle East.

Canadian Armed Forces Jayson Derow

Will Operation Impact be Enough to Degrade ISIS? Canada’s Mission Behind Friendly Lines

Winning the conflict against ISIS will entail reaching a solidified victory, focusing on changing geopolitics, and observing lessons from the War on Terror in Afghanistan. Jayson Derow analyzes Canada’s strategy of utilizing military advisors within the Iraqi Security Forces to degrade ISIS.

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Bearing Down: Modernizing Russia’s Armed Forces

Hasan Siddiqui articulates Russia’s military ambitions, contextualizes it within the broader geopolitical situation in Europe as well as analysing NATO’s attitude towards it.