Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Nabil Bhatia

Analyzing the Islamic State’s Weapons Capability: What Weapons Does It Use and Where Does It Get Them?

With multiple global sources of weapons and ammunition and its industrial scale weapons manufacturing operations, one may ask what can be done to degrade ISIS’ weapons capability. Nabil Bhatia analyzes ISIS’ diversified weapons arsenal and proposes a course of action for the international community.

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Nabil Bhatia

Retake Mosul…and Then What? Tensions, Property Disputes, and the Fight against the Islamic State

With Iraqi forces gaining ground in their fight against ISIS in Mosul, it remains unclear what the fate of the city will be after it is entirely retaken. Nabil Bhatia highlights some of the challenges that lay ahead and recommends a course of action for the Iraqi government.

Society, Culture, and Security

The Real Housewives of ISIS: An Actual Online Threat

On January 3 2016, Revolting, a BBC 2 sketch-comedy show, released an online skit called, “The Real Housewives of ISIS.”   The skit introduces four wives of ISIS fighters, fulfilling their duty as “average” housewives. One scene shows two women awkwardly wearing the same suicide vest. Another depicts a woman chained to her oven, excited Read More…