Expanding Community Michele Di Leo

NATO Association of Canada interviews the Consul General of France in Toronto, Marc Trouyet

Michele Di Leo interviews Marc Trouyet, the Consul General of France in Toronto, about the most interesting aspects of his diplomatic career, as well as France’s efforts as to combat terrorism and remain an active player in the international system.

Africa Society, Culture, and Security Thomas Lee

South Africa: The ANC, Cronyism, and Jacob Zuma’s Nine Lives

The political battleground pitting South African President Jacob Zuma and his personal elite against opposition groups, civil society, and the state’s democratic institutions reached new heights this past year. Thomas Lee takes a look at the country’s rampant corruption, increasingly precarious political and economic backdrop, and the prospects for Zuma’s downfall in 2017.

Canadian Armed Forces Ryan Atkinson

Canadian Peace Operation Must Address Realities and Risks

What can be understood from the Liberal government’s commitments about future Canadian involvement in UN Peace Operations, and are there alternative mission options that attain similar goals but are more aligned with current security interests? Ryan Atkinson discusses.