Louis Gonick is currently an international relations student at The University of British Columbia. He was raised in Quito, Ecuador in a bilingual household and upon completing his high school education he accepted a scholarship to study in Vancouver, Canada. As a dual citizen of Ecuador and the United States, Louis is passionate about global politics, international business and international cooperation in the Americas and beyond. At UBC his academic interests include international macroeconomics, the american political system, and the geopolitics of the Western Hemisphere. He also enjoys traveling, photography, cooking, and reading a variety of fiction and nonfiction. He can be contacted at louis.gonick@alumni.ubc.ca.
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Thousands of Bankers to Leave London as the Financial Sector Braces for Brexit

After British Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech on Tuesday, January 17, it became clear that Britain is headed for a hard Brexit. Among the points discussed by the British leader, she outlined that her cabinet will push for leaving the European single market. Analysts have suggested that this move could potentially trigger uncertainty and pose challenges for London’s finance industry.